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Q1. I have paid but didn't receive a username or password ?

Q2. Is Verotel a secure payment processor?

Q3. How do I cancel a recurring membership?

Q4. I have lost my username and/or password. What should I do?

Q5. What will appear on my credit/debit card statement if I join the site?

Q6. Can I pay in cash using the normal postal system?

Q7. My username and/or password isn't working. Why?

Q8. I have downloaded the clips but they will not play?

Q9. Why is there no sound on a lot of the clips?

Q10. What program can I use to play the clips back?



A1. Verotel processes the payment and sends you your username and password for the site. You will need to contact them as you may have entered your e-mail address incorrectly. I CANNOT retrieve usernames and passwords issued by Verotel.


A2. All new transactions are only accepted on pages encrypted with SSL technology. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) makes it possible to encrypt all data on the browser side, and to decrypt the information when it reaches Verotel's servers. This way no-one on the Internet can read the data (including credit card information) and so your privacy is protected. All data on Verotel's premises are stored and protected by state-of-the-art security systems. Our network facilities are monitored 24 hours, 7 days per week, for any downtime, intrusion or attack and physically protected by biometric access control systems. Verotel is fully compliant with the MasterCard Site Data Protection program and VISA Account Information Security program. These card companies require implementation of stringent security programs by member service providers in order to protect credit card data from theft.


A3. Simply visit the Verotel site and enter your login details as issued when you joined.


A4. Again, Login to Verotel and use the request lost login details form. If you joined  before February 06 (Non Verotel members) then you will need to contact me with the e-mail address you ORIGINALLY signed up with. A forwarded receipt is the best method. Contact me HERE.


A5. 'CNP*TicketsClub.com' will appear on your credit card statement as the beneficiary of this transaction. No mention will be made of the site name.


A6. Unfortunately not at present. I am working to resolve this.


A7. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive and should be typed exactly as e-mailed to you. As a general rule there are no capital letters used at all so firstly ensure your caps lock is OFF. If it is the very first time you have tried to use the login as a new member please double check typing before e-mailing me.


A8. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the codecs listed on the main members page. Especially DivX, 3ivx and Mpeg2 codecs. The majority of clips need one of these codecs for playback.


A9. Because of the high pictures quality of a lot of the clips the file size tends to be quite large. To this end the audio is removed in order to further reduce file size. This results in faster downloads for you and greater bandwidth capability.


A10. The majority of clips are tested with WMPlayer10 prior to posting. Some require DivX player but another good media player is the Core Media Player from www.corecodec.com.